(L-R) Richard Lyttle, Carlos Martinez, Mike Vargas, Alexa Getting, Fabiola Vargas, Maryam Zahedi, Britney Glover, Jeronimo Roldan, Lauren Tichy, Mona El-Khafif, Greg Baker, Josh Campos, Rachel Yu, Kory Bieg.

CITY/SPACE/SHARE operates similar to the zipcar strategy, where spatial and infrastructural resources are shared among multiple users, allowing an economy that is tailored to the needs and abilities of the neighborhood. The studio will focus on the revitalization of urban activity and vacant storefronts in the City Center of San Jose through urban spatial strategies intended to recuperate the street frontage, promote productive inhabitation and initiate micro urbanisms supporting the local condition of the neighborhood. In this way the community can both interact with and inhabit the public interface, which democratizes the ability to participate in and create an urban community, while combining urban regeneration and architectural performance with creative entrepreneurship and the activation of local networks, partnerships and participants.

During the studio students will design a flexible and temporary architectural installation—urban “hardware”—that will be embedded into the existing infrastructure of storefronts and outdoor areas. Through its architectural performance, the design will support different types of urban “software”—programs, activities and events. The combination of the mobile urban hardware and diverse programming will be structured through an “orgware” (organizational) strategy that will both curate the different types of possible occupations and generate productive combinations that integrate these with the neighborhood. These architectural interventions are also intended to function as a brandscape that articulates the iconic identity of the space. The project will allow students to research and design the parameters of an urban intervention and to carry out the hypothesis as a full-scale experiment.

Due to the interdisciplinary character of the project, the implementation of the concept will include the cooperation with multiple practitioners and participants such as neighborhood associations, residents, business owners, architects, on-site grassroots organizations and faculty from different disciplines. The design and prototype development is scheduled for the spring advanced studio 2010, with full fabrication to be completed in the summer of 2010. During the ZERO1 biennial event, students will be on-site as artists in residence.

Mona El Khafif

Mona El Khafif is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at California College of the Arts and Project Coordinator of the URBANlab. She holds a professional architectural degree from the RWTH in Aachen and a doctorate in urban design from the TU Vienna. El Khafif worked in architectural offices in Germany and Vienna, on projects which received important urban design awards including the Otto Wagner Urban Design Award for the BUSarchitecture Homeworkers project and the Ortner & Ortner Museumsquartier. El Khafif is a founding principal of phase 1 Fox_El Khafif_Nuhsbaumer, a co-author of URBANbuild local global, and has recently published Staged Urbanism: Urban Spaces for Art, Culture and Consumption in the Age of Leisure Society in Germany. Aside of her theoretical work that is dedicated to the initiation of urbanism as a tool for urban regeneration, El Khafif realized a series of design build projects that were a part of her studio and seminar work at CCA and the TU in Vienna.

Kory Bieg

Kory Bieg, Founder of K Bieg Design and OTA+ teaches at schools around the bay area, including Berkeley University, California College of the Arts and the Academy of Art University. His design firm covers cross-disciplinary projects that specializes in design, fabrication and interiors. K Bieg Design has received awards for their design work, been published widely and exhibited projects at the SFMOMA, the Architectural League of New York, the Storefront for Art and Architecture and the Architectural Association in London. Bieg has lectured about his work and been an invited panelist for symposium on digital fabrication and form. Kory Bieg received his Master in Architecture from Columbia University in New York City and his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Washington University in Saint Louis.

Maryam Zahedi
Fourth Year BArch Student
California College of the Arts
Worked on Felxscape proposal during the first part of the Studio
Worked in the Design Team (Interior Skin) for the final scheme

Josh Campos
Fourth Year BArch Student
California College of the Arts
Currently he is investigating new material technologies and prefabrication techniques to blend traditional tectonic practices with new ones. Migrating from his investigation into dSpace: Collaborations, he and the construction team will now address the tectonic issues presented by, Build your Own World.

Lauren Tichy
Second Year M.Arch Student
California College of the Arts
Lauren is from Clinton, New Jersey and received a B.ENVD at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She worked at Coburn Development in Boulder and at Choate Associates in West Los Angeles before coming to San Francisco for school.  Lauren is on the design team.

Carlos Martinez
California College of the Arts
Fourth Year BArch Student
Previously worked on the space^3 project. Is now involved in fabrication development and construction.

Alexa Getting
California College of the Arts
Second Year Graduate Student
Alexa is part of the design team.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Planning from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  She is involved in student council and currently holds the position of Vice President.  She has worked for Wilson Butler Architects in Boston, MA and more recently for Iwamotoscott Architects in San Francisco.


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